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My name is Salvatore Colla and I am the founder and CEO of SCM AGENCY, based in Milan.

It all started off as a joke, until immediately I realized that this bright idea that came to my mind was exactly what I wanted to pursue in life. That’s when in 2009 we kicked off this wild adventure of SCM AGENCY. In 2013 we decided to dedicated ourselves to recruiting and managing DJ’s. Shortly after we started launched events worldwide but specifically in Italy.

In addition to working with events, the agency also collaborates as music marketing, consultation, booking management and artist management.

2020 was set to be the year of the redemption because we had already planned festivals in Malta, Dubai and Milan. But unfortunately all this was pushed back until 2021.

Internally we take charge on all the bookings of our DJs international tours, given the magnitude of our marketing strategies in the countries and continents where we intend to tour.

Our bright future in 2021 will consist of a tight partnership with a Mediterranean cruise company. Giving us the opportunity to collaborate with international guests. Although, not all can be revealed on the upcoming event.

Our strength lies in the tenacity of our managers to make SCM speak abroad and to close as many partnerships as possible with international brands.

Our vision of these future “events” will be unique. This being said because they will be taking place worldwide. Binding fun, adrenaline and desire to show the real aspects behind different DJ’s who unlike others, will bring a new and modern twists to the party.

To find out more about what’s in store for SCM AGENCY tune into our social media pages for upcoming events, DJ’s and special guests! Dates to be announced shortly.

Salvatore Colla